Short film – Sci-fi / Drama

Chakra-Vyooh is a trap set by unseen force for a man to keep churning in his daily pattern of life. Ryan is one such trapped being. He is living a typical lifestyle that of a career professional but he feels a void deep inside. A guiding force nudges Ryan to introspect. The introspection sheds light on the robotic nature of his life and the universal context within which he is living that life. A want to break out of monotony of life emerges within himself. Will Ryan be able to get out of the trap with the help of guiding force or will he remain confined to Chakra-Vyooh?
The duo of first time Writer/Director, and first time Producer handled the entire process of Pre-Production (script breakdown, scheduling, storyboarding), Production (Camera, Production Design, Sound Recording, Cinematography, Lighting), and Post-Production (Editing, VFX, Finishing) end to end. They even set up and provided Craft Services for the talent. There were no other crew members. This no-budget, no-crew short film was shot over 3 days on real locations.
Chakra-Vyooh was shot using Blackmaginc Production Camera 4k and Rokinon Cine DS lenses. Final Cut Pro 10.2.3, HitFilm Express 2017, and Ignite Express 2017 were used for Editing, VFX, and finishing.


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